Sweepstakes and surveys that are worth participating


How many surveys have you participated in last one year ? You would be surprised that i have cross almost 100 surveys and won almost 5. Result is only 5% but still it's worth because these surveys does not consume too much time and also part of my daily household works. Now you must be thinking how come a sweepstakes could be related to my daily routine work. But it is true and 80% of my surveys are related to my work. Which I have to do for my daily survival. Surveys and feedback are just the part of those work. 

If i would say have you visited McDonald, Walmart or any other outlet in last one month. Your answer must be yes because we all visit for dinning or to purchase household products. But we hardly focus on the surveys offered by these companies. In fact Walmart grand prize could get you $1000 gift card and they offer $100 gift card to their 750 customers. so these sweepstakes are quiet lucrative but it's worth trying. Because here we have nothing to lose but winning can get us amazing prizes and discounts. But these sweepstakes also have some major challenges which you need to keep in mind. 

Challenges to participate in surveys & Sweepstakes

1.  These are based on winners so participating does not gives you the guarantee for the rewards. 

2. You must need the eligibility criteria else you won't be able to participate in the surveys. Like age limits, country resident, language and others

3. Frequency is also a major hindrance in sweepstakes. You cannot participate more than the allowed frequency. 

4. All Sweepstakes are not worth participating. Some surveys have very low rewards which makes them unfruitful surveys as compare to the time spend on competing the sweepstakes. 

5. Opening and closing timings. Surveys are not open 24*7 so you need to make sure you participate when it is opened. For that you might need to keep track with companies updates. 

Benefits of participating in Sweepstakes and Surveys

1. Surveys provide true feedback to the company which further helps them to improve their services. which eventually provide better services to us. 

2. Simultaneously it also provide opportunity to get something in exchange. This could be a free meal, discount, gift cards and much more. 

3. Surveys takes only couple of minutes which we do while doing our routine works. So here we have a chance of getting something where as nothing to lose. 

4. Some the rewards are so huge that your entire month of billing can paid off if you win. 

Here are some of the popular surveys which are worth participating for all of us

1. Tellthebell

2. www.survey.walmart.com

3. www.mywawavisit.com

4. Mcdvoice

5. Tellsubway


Sweepstakes and Survey are certainly not the additional earning source but it can definitely reduce the burden if you win. And if you don't it passes the correct feedback to the company which eventually helps in getting better product and services. So in both cases we are getting benefit from it. So there is no harm for trying these and second best thing is that these are part of our daily routine which helps us not put any additional efforts in participating